Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The most awesome Halloween Party !!!

Big sister Amber and family.
All the kiddo's having fun at the party!

Mckenzie in her new codtume half angel half devil

Half of the kid's and jake playing the Wii (a television game fun for everyone)

No we never went trick or treating !!

We went to big sister Amber's and brother in law David's house. They had a haunted house witch was awesome. They had a great time in the haunted house! Some maybe scared but they got used to it. Megan was scared of the sound efects so big sister Amber had a to turn them off. The sound efects were on a tape there where hidden candy in the haunted house. All the kiddo's hope to have a haunted house again next year!!!!

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Mom i had soooo much fun in the Haunted house i was scared at first but the minute i hit the bottom of the stairs i was ok
love kenzie