Friday, July 31, 2009

God had different plans for our family!!!

This is a post that is hard for me to type.. But God had different plans for our family than we did..
We had plans to adopt a almost 6 year old little boy with some special needs , but not many.. We were planning on traveling as soon as we could to bring this special boy home.. We called him Seth~ and we have a room and bed ready for him. We have clothes for him and lots of toys ready for him... We had our luggage packed and waiting to travel out of the country again... Just waiting to hear of that special travel date.. We asked if we could go in June or July , that way we would have child care for our other children... But that was not to be.. So we were waiting , and waiting....

This is when God through in a big curve.
We heard on Reece's Rainbow yahoo group about a baby born in Kansas that was born with down syndrome and drugs in his system. Gary and i looked at reach other and said lets call about this baby... Even though we said we had been done adopting babies.. We only want to adopt older children... We figured we already had been through the baby stages , and our last baby was 6 years old now.. BABY~Jordon was born on July 17th,2009` We heard about him on the 18th, called about him on the 18th. Then we talked to birthmom on the 19th which was on Sunday then , after talking to birthmom we felt pretty good. Well a few minutes later the adoption agency called and said birthmom wants us to parent her baby... We were so excited we packed up things for Gary , I ~Jody and Bella and on Monday the 20th we left for Kansas... Our new baby was born and waiting for us.. God new we wanted one more child with down syndrome... What we didn't know is that would be right now, not later down the road... Boy we were in for a surprise. We had sold or given away all of our baby things.. We were not doing babies any more, remember... So we have had to buy everything new for our baby son... We have had lots of friends bring us new baby items or used very little. We are so thankful for that.. We will need to buy a crib, for now baby ~Jordon is sleeping in a bassinet that his big sister Amber brought over from our little granddaughter that she was in when she was born.. All i got to say is we are loving this little guy so much, we are so thankful to God for bringing him to us!!!!

It has been a very busy two weeks with all the new events going on in our house. So we have not had time to post about everything. We are very hopeful that some one will come forword to adopt Seth. He is a very sweet little boy .. I would love to still go get him, but our adoption agaency won't let us do that right now.. So we need a family to go get Seth~ Aka ~Srecko home very soon... We were very sorry we had to let him go , we have met him and really do love him. But our plans were not the same as God's plans... So here we are... PLEASE PRAY for Srekco to get a new family very soon... It still eats at my heart that we can't go and get him. I am trying to understand that i can't make all the choices , that God does make different ones for us...

So please pray for us also as we get used to having a baby in the house 24/7... We love him so much,,



Mom i love jordon so much i hope Seth ~ Shrecko has a family to go get him
love kk

Christine said...

Wow- wow-- wow! Jodi, I have been out of it here in Ukraine but wnated to say congrats! He is a cutie!