Friday, March 23, 2012

Approved for one child with special needs.

We are approved to adopt one child with special needs ..

It all started:when we got a call from our adoption agency.. They have a family with a little guy with special needs , they wanted to disrupt. Sure we would take this little guy .. So we went and met the family and little guy... Then , they changed their minds again. We got that call in Jan 2012. Mind you this family i really feel they love this little guy, but yes there is a but. I am not sure this is the right child for this family.. They have struggled to parent little guy.. Little guy was from out of the USA. This family was not ready to get a little one with many special needs.. One and a big one at that is FAS/FAE ..Little guy has more special needs listed but i won't go into them ..

Anyway we have waited for 2 1/2 months for the family to decide. So now we are ready to use our approved homestudy to adopt a boy or girl 0-7 years old with special needs.. We would like to adopt a little one with down syndrome , just like our other little ones.

We will be adopting in the USA, domestic adoption, or privated domestic placement from a disruption..
If you know of any little ones needing a new forever family you can e-mail us @

We would have loved to be able to adopt from Bulgaria, there is an orphanage that the little ones really need families to get them out of there and to loving homes. They have many medical problems... But , yes that but again. We cannot adopt right now out of the USA.IT IS NOT IN THE PLANS FOR US RIGHT NOW...

We have said many prayers for the family we were waiting on .. We sure hope and pray the best for them all. But we need to move on and see if God has that special little one ready for our family...

If you know a family that is looking to find a family for a little one , have them get in touch with us. We pray that God shows us his plan for our family..


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