Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

It has been the usual craziness around here lately, other than everyone having a cold and runny nose we are all doing great. The four older kiddos are doing good having Dad as their teacher, but we are all looking forward to summer vacation (espically Dad).Even though it is only March we are all getting spring fever and want to get our camp trailer out of storage and ready to travel. One of the places we are planning to see is parts of Canada, even though we don't live far from Canada we have never ventured there, so we are in the process of getting everyone a passport so when summer finally gets here we will be ready to go. Mom and Dad have been very busy working on their ETSY stores and patiently waiting to get outside and work.The three little kiddos are still doing their OT therapy every week and some of the time they actually do some of their therapies and next week they are starting speech therapy so we'll see how that goes. Dad has been threatening the older kids that he is going to find a Listening Therapist for them so they can learn how to listen to Mom & Dad. LOL. We were glad to have three of our wonderful grand kiddos spend a few days with us this past week while their mom and dad went on a mini vacation.It was very busy each day because they had to get up and go to school and we are not used to having a routine like theirs every day, but we all survived and had a great time, it seems very quiet now without them here Nana and Papa Love Ya's. Have a safe St. Paddy''s Day

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