Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Barrel of fun !!!

Jordon and Chrissie playing ..These two are very busy all day long..
What a cute liltte guy.. He sure could use a brother his size .. We are looking to adopt a little toddler boy, from age 0 - 7 years of age . Yes , we would love to adopt one more child with down syndrome .. Jordon loves to play , but he wants to wrestle and the two little girls do not care for that.. They get mad at him. We have an up dated homestudy and are just waiting for our new little one to find us..
Chrissie and Bella playing .. These two are a hoot !! We really love watching them learn everyday .Somedays they both work hard on school and other days they will not do anything at all.Can you just say , stubborn.. Boy we have alot of that in our house.. Two parents , ten children and nine grandchildren.. You will have lots of stubborn little ones running around.. Oh what fun..
Chrissie right after her bath.. She almost loves her bath as much as her food,almost... She is getting so big and beautiful!!! Yes, she sure has been a handful , but we sure do love her..
Bella and Chrissie playing or maybe teasing each other...
All the kiddos are doing great.. We have so many things going on ,it is hard to find time to post he ron the blog.. But we will try to do better...

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