Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend With The Aunties

Hillbilly Birdfeeders
Very Adorable
Andrew riding a log down the hill
Paris in a plastic bag
Last weekend we spent four days with the Aunties in Bigfork, Mt., it snowed almost the whole time, but even then it was beautiful. The Aunties made the Hillbilly birdfeeders for us to put on our Etsy store (CLICK ON OUR CAMPBELLS COUNTRY STORE BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE BLOG TO SEE MORE).We are getting the whole family involved in our adventure and the Aunties are no exception, they travel the whole area around Big Fork searching for treasures and materials to create new ones.We brought our 12ft cargo trailer along this time so we could haul everything back home with us.With such a large family and having to bring the whole house with us whenever we travel our cargo trailer has sure come in handy and it also gives Jody more room for picking up treasures and projects to finish.The kiddos all hate to leave the Aunties house to go home because they have so much fun. Before we are even home Jody, the kiddos and Aunties are already making plans for our next visit.I think we all enjoy these visits very much, but it's hard to convince the kids that we do have to stay home once in a while or we wouldn't ever get anything done at home, and they are anxious to head out again.

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auntielinda said...

in deed we all had a great weekend. we love to have you all here with us . the kiddos , mom dad and aunties all love to go treasure hunting, we sure do come home with lots of good things... the hill in our yard has some new snow on it for the kids to ride logs, plastic bags or whatever is around down the hill... we so enjoy all the company, "HOT GOG" i just love the new saying LOL... see you all soon we hope.