Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Letters to God "

"Letters to God " 
 Have you seen this movie ??? We watched this movie today for school . It sure was awesome!!!
 Boy did Tyler have so much faith in God .. Tyler is a major inspiration to all .. I sure hope and pray
that my children understand what this movie was all about. Just have "Faith" in God .. That's all it takes..

If you haven't seen this movies.Please watch it. You will love it and you will also cry a few tears.
  Boy i really had to try to fight back the tears. It really means alot to me , you all know i have many many children . It is very hard to go through hard times when your children are sick or hurt really bad  and all you can do is pray over them..I have done this many many times. I always thank God for everybody and everything in my life. 

I pray that all my children, adult and little ones are happy and healthy everyday... For God to help u s all through the day...

Sometimes it takes more than that . Sometimes you wish you could stop people from saying and doing bad things..We have this one relative that likes to cause trouble with my adult children . She never seems to be able to keep her nose out of our business, or to move on and leave us alone...

So if you are out there , please leave us alone. You know who you are... Go on with your life..
Stay out of ours....

Please write your own "Letters to God" 


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