Thursday, April 15, 2010

We want to say how Thankful We are for our Facilitator!!

We are so Thankful to our Facilitator in Bella's old country. She was so wonderful to us and she is an angel for families and all of the children..

When we were getting ready to travel to get our new daughter, we never dreamed we would meet such a wonderful person. She not only did a wonderful job helping us to adopt our daughter, but became a very dear person and friend to us. She is a Dr: in her country, and she has a heart of Gold...This woman is an angel from God!!! She has all children in her heart. She believed in us , that we would be great parents for little Bella and that we would love her very very much. She was right , we love our little girl so much. It really doesn't matter what our Bella can or will do. We will love her all the same no matter what, and this wonderful Dr. new that.

We pray for this wonderful person and all the children in Bella's first home. We always pray that the children will get to go to there forever families.. This sweet Dr. helps all the children, to be able to go home to the right family.. Sometimes we think we are the right and perfect family, for a special child. But only God knows who is the perfect family for each and every child...

So we say ~~THANK YOU VERY MUCH Dr.J~~
Sending lots of hugs your way!!!

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Zactly said...

Hi Jody,
I have sent a message to shelley bedford, but I know she is busy right now in Bulgaria. Did you receive the message from Dr. J that we need to send an email to the MO ASAP in relation to Dr. J, the adoption process there, etc.? Like I told Shelley, I don't know all the families from RR who have adopted from there. I have already notified all of us independent adoption families. thanks for you help,
Vickie (