Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Pray for little Princess Chrissie !!

This is what her mom , just had to say. Chrisie is having a lot of bleeding.

Dr. Kupferschmid is at Chrissie's bedside, working earnestly to try to help suction blood as she's rapidly losing blood. The ECMO specialist is pushing blood in her trying to stay ahead of Chrissie's blood loss. Dr. Kupferschmid just said that he's gotta get her off this ECMO now. (Staying on the ECMO requires the blood to be thin and not clot, but with Chrissie's continuous bleeding, he really needs to get her blood to clot, which can't be done while she's on the ECMO, yet the ECMO is what's keeping her alive.)

Jehovah Rapha, we need your miraculous healing Hand in this PICU room now. Touch Chrissie's heart and lungs and entire pulmonary system to gloriously make everything work beautfilly and perfectly in a mighty way, the perfect way you intended when you so perfectly knit our bodies together and created the amazing and miraculous body.

Please Pray for this Beautful little Princess Chrissie!!!!

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