Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WAY out of my comfort zone!!

This is what my friend Elisabeth had to say about her baby boy Charlie..He is so adorable, PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR LITTLE CHARLIE!!!!!!

Okay, people. I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone here, but it's absolutely necessary, I do believe.

In the photo above, you'll notice his name. Prayers are needed today and for many weeks to come, and I feel like the best way to rally the prayer warriors is to put a name to the sweet face. So there you have it- our angel, Charlie.

Charlie is scheduled for open heart surgery on May 21st- only 18 days from today. We have complete faith in our Father and that total healing of our baby's heart will happen on May 21st. BUT, he still needs prayers. Our prayer requests right now are-
*For successful surgery.
*For the Lord to guide the surgeon's hands.
*Very minimal pain for our sweetie.
*Quick, infection-free healing.
*Peace for Mommy,Daddy and all family and friends.
I have been attempting to make a prayer "button" for our blog without much luck. Well, the button is made and I tried to post it but I am unable to resize it and make it smaller (not technologically savy!). I have contacted several button makers with no response. If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them. I'd love to have this done in the next couple of days so that people can beginning "grabbing" the button. I have had requests for this for several weeks- be patient...I'm trying!
Thank you to those of you who continue to lift our family up in prayer. We truly feel God's love surrounding us daily, and I know that much of that comfort comes from you remembering us in your time with Him.

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