Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

Bull Elk just enjoying the day!!
Bull Elk, oh so beautiful to look at.

Shaggey looking buffalo, they are loosing there winter coats..

Elk eating the grass..

Small heard of elk , in the campground in Mammoth.
We had an awesome short vacation~ school field trip. We left on Wednesday, headed to Yellowstone National Park. We stayed at the camp ground in Gardiner, Mt , it was really nice. They have a mini golf course, small log cabins to rent, and a really nice little gift shop. Yes , i had to stay out of the gift shop . They have lots of moose and bear decorations, sweatshirts, and lots more neat items.
That i was sure i couldn't live without. But i finally braved it and Megan and I went in to take a look , guess what, we didn;t even buy anything. I couldn't find anything i couldn't live without.
On to our trip in the park. We always have a great time in the park. We got to see many animals, some were to fast to get a picture of . Like this fox, it was standing on the side of the road, until we seen it , then it took off in the trees. So way to fast for me to get the camera out and get a picture.
We got many pictures of the buffalo and their cute little babies. we watched this one baby for a while, it was chasing a bird. It was really neat seeing this little buffalo play. Then off we went to find more animals. Not to long and we came across some more buffalo and elk. They like to eat down by the river. It is so neat to just sit and watch them. We also got to see a black bear, but it was not close enough to get a picture with my camera. We did get it on the camcorder. They was also a grizzly and 4 cubs, many people watching these. We couldn't get a space to park in to go get a look at these. Maybe next trip. On down the road we went , and we got to see an Eagle in its nest. We did get some pictures of it.I will post more pictures..

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