Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !!

The girls..
Baby J sporting his new hat!!
This one is for you auntie Linda!! See all my rolls..

Yes, i love to eat, and am such a happy boy...

Momma and her little ones!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's., and to those who are trying to be a first time mom.
It is very special being a mom.. I love being a mom and having nine children. My dream is to have 12~ yes a dozen children. Not sure that will happen, but it is so great being a mom .. I wouldn't trade this job for anything .. I love watching our children grow and learn . Each one of them is so special in there own way.
We had a wonderful day today. The children worked so hard to clean and get the house in order. That was really awesome of them. Also my wonderful hubby has been getting up with baby J on the week ends and letting me get some sleep. That was very sweet of him. Most nights i spend many hours rocking baby J, trying to get him to go back to sleep. He was sleeping all night , untill he got pretty sick and had to have breathing treatments every 3 hours. Now he thinks momma is suppose to rock him all night long. Yes, momma loves to rock him and just sit and look at him. He is so sweet and handsome. What a special present ,God gave us. Actually he gaves us 9 special presents, and a wonderful hubby to go with them. What more could i ask for... Ok: maybe 3 more littles ones, with a special extra chromosome.. I will need to pray really hard for that to happen.

Thank you all for a very wonderful day !!!!
LOve you all, Mom

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Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

You are blessed, my friend!! 12 does seem like a good number- I'll be praying for you.:)
Snuggle that little one for me. He's beautiful!
In Him,