Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chrissie is dancing with Jesus!!!

This little Serbian Princess went to heaven yesterday to dance and sing with Jesus. CHRISSIE fought a good fight for 31 days. If you remember Chrissie had heart surgery and her lungs were pretty bad. Chrissie was 4 years old!!

Yesterday , like everyday , i get up and first thing check on Chrissie and her mom Lorraine. I check to see if they had a nice quiet night , no major set backs. Boy was i caught off guard, when i checked yesterday and Chrissie's mom , had on her family blog that Chrissie is dancing with Jesus now. Oh i was so shocked, i had been awake many times that night praying for Chrissie to be all better so she could dance again. We never had the pleasure of meeting Chrissie or her mom in person. But oh did this family leave a very big impact on our lives. Lorraine is very spirtual, we loved reading everything she had to write. We so loved when she prayed over Chrissie to boss your heart and lungs. Boss them and tell them to work. Chrissie loved to be the boss. She is so beautiful , we will all miss her so much.
Chrissie's mom Lorraine has really inspired us , to teach our children more about God. We are working on adding that as one of our homeschool classes. We are teaching them more prayers. We have made them little prayer books to read at night. They all really like to say their prayers.

Lorraine had a post about the Maxwell Family~ . They are a really neat family and have many books to read, and to teach our children. Go to there web site and check it out... We have bought 9 books from them . and they shipp them out very quickly.

To the Patterson family~ We are truly so so sorry for your loss of beautiful little Chrissie, she and your family have inspired all of us to be better people.. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us!!

You can click on Chrissie's picture on the side , and it will take you to there family blog.
Please say a prayer for the Patterson Family!!!

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