Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday to our beautiful daughter Amber !!!

Happy 26th Birthday Amber!!! We hope you had a great day ...

Thank you so much for hurry over for our little emergency this morning. We always can count on you. Thank you also for helping to do some nursing already. We are just getting you ready to work in a Dr;s office or maybe in the . Looks like we will be spending lots of time there.. So thank you again. We sure hope you enjoyed your day with us. We sure enjoyed having you all here today..
We sure do love you so very much!!!
Yes, our daughter got to spend her birthday with her family all day long.. My heart still is crying out for help to be able to have the Severson family bring Scott a.k.a Srecko. He is missing so much and really needs to come home soon. My heart cries out for this little guy. If i could i would give this family all the money they needed to bring their son home. But i do not have 4,000. hiding in my pocket or purse. So i am crying out to all of you to help . Please we have a long way to go. Thank you to those who have donated or prayed for this little guy and his family. Tommorow is his 7th birthday to spend with no family. He is waiting for his mommy and daddy to come and get him. Can you say a prayer that he will have a great day and that he will get many hugs ..
Please Please I am crying out to all of you ..Please help with donating what ever amount you can. If you can not donate please say a prayer that all the funds will come in really soon . His mommy and daddy would really love to get on that plane and go get him...

Thank you all ..

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