Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our new grandson was born !!!

Our oldest son Jason and his wife ~our daughter in law, had their baby boy. He was born August 26th,2009. The baby had some problems and they took him right to the N.I.C.U. He was having trouble breathing. They had to put a to give him some help with breathing. They also thought he had a bad infection and thank God he came a week early. The Ped Doctor said he might not have been born alive if he was born later.. They had to give him lots of IV. meds for 5 days and do lots of tests on him. They checked for different types of infections. We are so glad our little grandson is strong and pulled through..He is such a sweet baby .

So off we went to Great Falls, Mt with six little ones and the camp trailer to go see our new grandson ,oh his name is Afton`.He is so cute , we love him so much..We stayed for three days to help out and pray for baby Afton.. We also helped with the care of Aftons big brother Xzavier...
Xzavier is so happy to be a big brother..
Xzavier is 4 years old and very happy to have a little brother..

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June Berger said...

He is beautiful! I'm so glad he is doing better! Praise God!