Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Milos!!!

Today is Milos birthday. To most of us a birthday is a happy time. But for Milos he is ten (10) years old today. That is the age in his country that they will send him to the institution. Then he will not be able to be adopted. Milos does have a little time if somebody out there would love to adopt him. You would have to work very fast on your paper work. He would make a great family member to any family.. We met Milos when we went and got our little Bella. He stole our hearts..He is very sweet and a smart boy to boot.. We really think he would be lots of fun to have around.. If you would like to see pictures of Milos you can go to www.reece' He is on the older children page. I also have some pictures of him if anybody would like to see them. We can not post them on our blog, his country doesn't allow that any longer.

So please say a prayer that my little buddy Milos gets a family very very soon. He really seems like a very lovable little boy...Yes, Milos does have down syndrome so he is very special ..

Somebody please adopt Milos!!!!!!!!!!!!

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