Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am getting a care package together to send to Bella's first home.. I am looking for gentley used crib mobiles. I have ordered some from Wal-Mart, and am bidding on some from E-Bay. But i would like to be able to send many of these for the precious babies.If any of you have any that you have no use for any longer. I would sure love to send these and put them to some very good use... I will also send some learning toys , if i have some extra room in the boxes.

If you can think of anything that would work great for the children just let me know.

Also i have a mobby wrap, it was used very little for my granddaughter. If someone would like this i can ship it to you. I am looking for someone to put it to good use.
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Have a great day !!!


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Rachel said...

I am looking for a baby sling to take with me to the Philippines in September where I will be working at a childrens home. How much are you asking for it?