Monday, May 11, 2009

Homestudy visit today!!!

We had our homestudy visit today, with a very nice lady from the adoption agency we are using.
She had to travel 41/2 hours to get to our house and visit 2 or more hours, then she had to travel 41/2 hours back home. We are so glad she is going to work very hard to get our homestudy up date done this week. We are praying we have all our dossier done by the end of the week. Then we can ship our dossier out ...Then it will be time to wait for that great travel date...Seth we are working very quickly to get everything done to bring you home. Seth's room is ready and the bed is made. We will get more clothes for him when we get close to traveling to bring him home...

Vicky~Zactly~i need your e-mail addy... Then i can answer your??



Hello Mom,
no you did not miss anything or miss any letters 4 our post,
Love Kenzie Bella's big sister
ps Bella is doing awesome sense she got home
love kenzie n bella
ps again bella is a little monkey:)

Karl and Ashley said...

What a cute comment!
And when are you hoping to travel? before or after break? praying for you and your little guy!

Zactly said...

Sure Jody.
thanks again. Hope you're able to bring Seth home soon.


Rita Andrews said...

Jody, have you already done your new INS clearance?? If so, wow that was fast..It so stinks that you have to do another clearance even if you have left over number of kiddos on your last one doesnt it...oh just another way for the homeland securtiy to make money...I was so bummed to find that out on our last adoption....URG

Good luck!!! Hugs to your sweet family.

Alice said...

I am so happy you are going back for Seth! Did you meet Milos while you were there? I am praying hard for him!