Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Birthday party for Megan!

Megan and her BFF~Jenna playing ring around the rosie.. They have so much fun together..
Our daughter Amber and her son ~ our grandson Camren. How cute .

Bella in her dress up dress. Megan wanted everybody to wear costumes for her birthday party. She loves to play dress up. So this is what she wanted for her party.

All of the kiddos and dad~aka, Papa all dressed up ,and having lots of fun. Yes, even Jordon got to dress up.

Megan got to have two birthday parties this year. It was her golden birthday and she is one special little Princess. Turning`7~seven ~ is very important don't you think..Well for us and Megan it is. Megan had a very tough birth and then she was born with two holes in her heart . They have closed all by them selves. She has done so very wonderful. We truly love this little ~ big girl. She is such a blessing to our family.We were so blessed to get Megan at seven ~7~ days old. She was a tiny little baby. Megan was about 5lbs 5 oz maybe when we got her. She was so tiny and loved to scream and cry all the time.She had to have mom hold her all of the time. She was hooked to mom 24/7. If not she was crying very loud. She still follows mom all the time and if she can not see mom then she will be screaming for mom.
Happy 7th Birthday on the 7th Megan Jodi!!!!We love you so much!!!

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happy birthday meggie