Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Megan!!

Bella with her big brother Jake. Bella loves Jake and misses him so much. She did not want to let go of him.. She was so happy to see him and hold him. She was not going to leave go of him..Jake is working and living 3 hours away from us . So Bella doesn't get to see her big brother very much anymore. Jake lived with us for awhile after his car wreck, so Bella got to see him everyday. So she really misses him. But was very excited to be able to see him and spend some time holding on to him.. Jake , Bella is sending kisses to you!!
We traveled for 3 hours to get to Billings so we could go see big Brother Jake and his family..Megan's niece and BFF. What a week end .. We all went to God Father's Pizza , for a great Taco pizza. Oh it was so good. We no longer have a God Fater's Pizza in Butte.

Dad pushing baby J, after he got his monkey at build a bear..

The kiddos getting there bears stuffed.Then to pick out clothes for there new kids.

Megan got the best present of all!! She got to go get and spend much needed time with her BFF. That would be her niece~Jenna. They love to be with each other , and there favorite thing to do is . You quessed it SHOP..These two love to go shopping.. So off they went.
It was lots of fun for all the kiddos to go to build a bear. They love their new kids. They all would have liked to get many outfits for their kids , but mom said oh no. The cost gets pretty high , when you need to buy 6 or more of each.
After the mall, we all went to eat pizza. They kiddos got to play games , then it was off to do more shopping. This time at Target. We love to shop at Target. The little BFF'S had such a good time. Then to the motels to get 9 children to go to sleep.. Fat chance, not one of the kiddos really wanted to go to sleep. They still had lots of energy to use up. But oh we big people needed to sleep. So it was time to get the kiddos to be quiet and all get some much needed sleep..
This was only the start to Megan's 7th burthday..This was June 5th AND 6th.
Megan's 7th birthday is June 7th, so this was her golden birthday. What a special birthday it is. We try to celebrate big for golden birthday's .. Megan we love you so much. Megan was mommy's little Princess for 51/2 years, until we brought Bella home . Then she had to share mommy with Princess Bella. Two little Princesses in the house. Oh my... Then our little Prince Jordon . What a little love bug he is. We love them all dearly...


And patiently waiting... said...

Happy Golden Birthday Megan!!! Sounded like tons of FUN!!!

Christy and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Megan!! I hope your day is great and memory filled.

Christy & Cody