Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Dollar Adoption Challenge!!

My friend Elizabeth is having a one dollar adoption challenge.. They need your prayers also. They have a little one they are praying about.. Yes , that would be to adopt.But adoption is not cheap.. It costs a lot of money to adopt. But when you love children , the cost only stands in the way!! So can you pray for my friend and her family. Then if it is in your heart can you spare a dollar?? It will be put to good use. What better way to spend a dollar. To help a child have a for ever family.

As you know adoption is very dear to our hearts.. We love all children, no matter what color or special need. We have 6 adopted children and we love them just the same as our home grown children. If we had lots of money we would adopt many more children..

I am asking you to pray , then maybe go and donate a dollar to Elizabeth's one dollar adoption challenge..

The Challenge simply works like this- pray about giving. Obviously, we pray that each person who reads this blog will donate $1. $1 is all we ask. Really. We have seen $s multiply like crazy when prayer accompanies the donation. We also urge you to share our challenge where you hang out whether it be your blog, facebook, email.

Consider this- if you donate $1 and share this post with 10 people who also donate $1, that's $11 in a moment. And I promise you will NOT miss that dollar! $1-that's one item from the Dollar Spot at Target!! How often do we snatch up one item from the Dollar Spot without even thinking twice? Can't each of us give up that $1 item in order to save a child's life?
The chip in button is on my side bar, if you would like to donate. Also pass it on . On your blog or facebook. Please help this family bring a little one home soon!!!!
Check out their blog ~

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