Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jordon's 1 year check up .

Daddy got to take baby J for his one year check up and shots. Mama didn't want to be there and see baby J crying. So daddy got the hard job today. Baby J weights 20 lbs & 02oz , he is 29 inches long and doing very well .. He is such a smart little boy. Baby J has been watching the school videos with his two bigger sisters. They have some learning videos that we have them watch almost everyday. They teach colors, shapes, animals and more. The girls and Baby J love them. We are trying to get the little girls ready to do school. So we have started working with them a few hours a day . Then we will build up to longer each day..

Baby J cut his first two teeth the day before his birthday, which was July 16th. His birthday is July 17th. So he was not toothless for his big birthday. Yay baby J !!

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