Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Splash park fun !!

Megan at the splash park.
Andrew having lots of fun.

Two little Princesses !! Ha Ha only when they are sleeping !! These two little girls can find more trouble than our boys..
Bella has been screaming a lot lately. I don't know if she is trying to talk to us or she is really mad at us. Hopefuly we can find out the answer soon..

Chrissie at the splash park with all the kiddos and daddy. Daddy took 6 of the kiddos to the splash park, mom and baby J stayed home to get some things done..
Thank you so much Gary !!!!

Chrissie is doing very well adjusting to all of us. She still tries to pull the wool over daddy. But she will find out that he is pretty smart. Bella and Chrissie still have there moments , when they don't really like the other one. But all in all they are doing pretty well together. We all think the world of Chrissie, and love her so much.

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June Berger said...

I've been out of touch for several months, out of state, computer know. Anyway, I'm thrilled for you and your new addition!!! How awesome for Bella to have a sister close to her age, from her country and with that little something extra :oD .
Praying blessings unmeasured to rain down upon you and your family.