Friday, August 20, 2010

We have been very busy !!

We started school here at home with all the children last week. It has been a very busy two weeks for all of us. It takes us all a little longer to get in the swing of things. So maybe in one more week we will have the schedule all figured out. I sure can hope for that anyway..

Andrew has been having a hard time following directions, and doing his school. It has been a major challenge to keep him in his seat. So to teach him is very difficult and frustrating for mom and dad. We sure hope he gets used to sitting still again.
All three little ones are doing very well. Baby J , is handsome as every. He is learning new things everyday, we are so so proud of him..
Bella , oh Bella , she has been learning some not so nice things from Chrissie.. But then what are sisters for . We sure hope she will learn lots of good things from Chrissie as well. Bella is still working hard to walk all the time by herself. She will take about 8 steps by herself.The rest of the time she will scoot or hold on to furniture to get around.Go Bella go !!
Chrissie is adjusting to all of us very well. She is finding out her temper doesn't work here. Mom puts a stop to that. Chrissie is a very smart little girl and beautiful to boot!! Chrissie has a lot , did i say a lot of bad habits that need to be broken. We are working on all of them everyday. Chrissie fits in very well with our family. We love her very much also.
Kenzie , Dez and Megan are all doing pretty well with school. They all wish they still were on summer vacation. But what child doesn't wish that. Dad took the three girls to play at the splash park yesterday, and they had a really good time. Thanks Dad!!


mom26kids said...

I just came across your blog. I have wanted to adopt since high school and that was 20 years ago. I keep hitting road blocks or rather walls. I feel so strongly about this but, my husband doesn't agree. We have a five year old little girl with Down syndrome and it breaks my heart to see those faces on RR that Ihave been following for 4 years now. Anyway I am so glad I found your blog. You are amazing and your children are so beautiful.

No Greater Gift Mom said...

Love the new pictures and updates. Look at baby J and the excitement on his sweet little face- oh, I could eat him up!!
Thinking and praying for your sweet family and for the new transition of Chrissie.
In Him,

Christine said...

Nice to read your update. Yes, siblings can teach some not so nice habits. :) Have a great week!