Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The little boy they had we brought him back to another couple.
We wish we could keep him

This is Daisey the boy's little sister

What a sweet puppy she is so lovable

Yes we got a new puppy today in Great fall's its a little girl and Kenzie named her Daisey and she is very cute! Gary~Dad went to Walmart to get some puppy chow and a collar she will get used to it. And she loves Kenzie and the rest of the crew .
Their birthday is July 6Th ,2010
Kenzie made her a box and a little place in the nook in our house. She will be trained to be a therapy dog for the three little ones and a dog for everyone!
Kenzie already brought her to see Rachel the next door neighbor her and her sister love her so much!
Megan is the one who got her to eat the food Gary~Dad got at Walmart.
Daisey is half beagle half blue healer they are VERY protective dog's!
Mom and Grandma love her so much too!

Made by McKenzie

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Mommy and Peepers said...

She's adorable!! I hope you can survive the milk teeth, Chrissy knows those teeth too well with Blossom. Give her a hug and kiss for us. carolee