Thursday, September 2, 2010

Painting , painting and more painting

Yes, I have been painting some of our rooms again. Our dinning room is a butterscotch and maroon. It has the antique look. I really love it .
This is one corner in our dinning room. I love to decorate with older items.

This is our front room. It looks like it is wall paper. But no it's not. Jody has a rubber stamp of a moose and put all these moose on the wall with one stamp. Compulsive, just a little . It really looks great. Do you see our kitchen table, yes it is a picnic table. We had it special made for us. Made by people with disablities. We sure like to support people with spacial needs, when possible..
All the children and new puppy are doing great. We just have not had any extra time to post lately. But all is well here. More in the next few days..


Zactly said...

Boy, you all have been doing a lot of home improvements this summer. Busy, busy. Your painting looks great. The moose stamp made me smile. That had to have taken awhile to stamp all those on there. Looks great.
Take care,

Pamela said...

Your house looks very nice. I love the moose stamping. What a great idea!