Saturday, September 18, 2010

Look who's walking~part time !!!

Bella will be home 2 years at the end of Nov, this year. She has done so well in our family.. Bella has learned more than anyone thought she every would. We have very high hopes for Bella to be able to be all she can be..Bella can walk when she wants to. She likes to tease her Daddy when he tries to get her to walk. Then she will laugh and laugh, it really is so cute to see her laugh and tease .. Bella is an amazing little girl. We all love her so much!!

Bella has done more than most people every thought she would. But with a loving family a child can do many things..If you are looking to adopt a severely delayed child, i would say yes, yes, They can do more than most people give them credit for.. They can give you so much love and affection.It is all worth every bit of money it cost to bring her home. To us there is no amount of money that could be to much to have brought her home or any of our children for that matter.. We love them all !!! Take a look at the vidoes..

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