Sunday, September 12, 2010

We went to the Missoula , Mt Buddy Walk !!

Missoula,Mt Buddy Walk 2010~Sept 11, Amber , David and their children our grandchildren.
We were so happy they went to support people and there siblings with down syndrome. Thank you Amz and David .

Kenzie , her best buddy Kali , Chrissie and Bella.

Amz and baby J~

Gary and Jody 2010 buddy walk.

Yes, We all got up very early to get ready to go to Missoula,Mt to attend the Buddy Walk. The drive is 2 hours each way. But it is so worth it. We all had so much fun at the buddy walk, and we always meet new families with new little special angels with that little something extra.

All the kids were very happy to meet the Montana Grizzilies football team members. We even got pictures with them , or them with us. We had 15 family memebers go to the buddy walk. The buddy walk is lots of fun, but we sure wish they would have one in Butte,Mt. It would be so nice for all of us that have to travel out of Butte to attend.. It really is nice to talk to other families that have children with down syndrome. We love to see how they all are doing and growing.

Bella was on the flier for the Missoula,mt Buddy Walk flier this year. I wish i could put it on the blog , but my scanner is not working..I will put lots of pictures from the walk on here..

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