Thursday, May 8, 2008


We had a very busy day,we got everybody going early so we could go out of town .We needed to get our USCIS,I600A FILED,we got our digital finger prints done.They told us we should get our approval letter in couple weeks. We sure hope it goes that qiuck. We aslo went to the capitol building to get the apostills on all our paper work for our Dossier.We thought we were doing great, we got to the secretary of state office, the lady checked our papers. She told us we needed to take them back to our notary, she did them wrong. So back on the highway to Butte,MT, Good thing Helena,Mt, is only an hour away. So we went back to our notary, she fixed all the papers. Then back on the highway to Helena. iT IS 1 HOUR there, so 4 hours of riding time for the kiddos. They get bored with that really quick. Deztany and Andrew sit in the third row seat, they throw things at each other and love to tease each other. Then you have Megan and McKenzie in the middle seat, Megan likes to tease McKENZIE all the time, about any and everything. But all in all everything went good. DOSSIER IS ALL APOSTILLED,READY TO GO. WE JUST HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL US WHEN WE CAN SEND IT. WE NOW ARE WAITING FOR APPROVAL OF I171H . THEN THE REAL WAIT BEGINS. No new pictures yet, we will post some when we get them. We got to do some shopping today. We got all the gifts bought that we need to take with us. I have 3 suit cases packed, lots of toys, dresses and girly things for Magda. She will be so loved, we can't wait.If i pack anything else, Gary and i are going to have to buy clothes there. Well we think the paper chase is done, or we hope so . have a great day!!!

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