Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh so precious !!

Oh what a sweet baby !!
Look who's having fun on his lion ..
Bella and Chrissie looking for trouble !!
Bella looking at her book ..
Bella standing at the table looking at her book..
Bella is doing so well. She has come so far already. We can not wait to see what all she will be able to do.. Bella is walking all of the time now. She can do some signs when she wants to . She feeds herself and can tease anyone of us at her own will. She is a wonderful little girl.
Yes, she can be a beast , but most of all she justs loves to snuggle.

Chrissie is doing well. She is very smart and can sign many words. She has been very helpful in helping Bella to learn and do new things..She is adjusting well to all of us and does listen to the rules when she wants too. Chrissie is also very loveable , but also has a mean streak in her.

Jordon is doing awesome!! He is a very smart little guy. He loves to play and snuggle. His favorite toy right now is the music piano. He will sit on his bench and play music for along time.
Jordon loves to give mommy wet kisses , it is so adorable and sweet. Jordon will bend down and plant a sweet smooch on mommy. It just melts my heart.. All in all they are all doing very well..Gotta go kiddos are calling!!!


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Mom i love the way jordon looks @ me and them gives me that super cute smile
love kenzie