Thursday, October 27, 2011

What we have been working on..

We got new buttons made for our Etsy stores.. Mama Bears Fleece Blankets and The Campbell's Country Store. Both buttons are on the sides of the blog. So go check them out. We have 11 items listed so far in our country store, and 100 fleece blankets listed so far.. So if you are looking for gifts for birthdays , Christmas, or any special holiday. Go take a look , you may find something you just can't live without...Gary and I~Jody~ have been working lots of hours to get both stores up and running.. Now we just need to get the word out .. So please share our stores with all yoour friends... We sure would appreciate it!!

Other news ::: All the kiddos are doing better , now that we are all on meds again .. Yes, we have been sick all month . This is the second dose of meds.. So say a prayer we get better very soon...

Also we had to get a new lawyer to get Chrissie's adoption done. Our lawyer never got it done and we want it done before the end of the year.. She is our daughter , now we just need the name change and final papers...She has been with us for 15 months ,it really is time to get this over...

Please share our stores with all your friends and family!!!
Thank you ,
~Gary & ~Jody~

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