Monday, May 9, 2011

Guess who got left at the zoo ???

We are missing someone in the photo of the Kiddos

The bigger girls each have a little kiddo to keep track of

Aren't they both soooo cute?

A very serious conversation

Kali, Jordon and Mom

We took our first road trip of the summer to the zoo in Idaho Falls, Idaho which is about four hours from home, not only did we have our own kiddos with us but also Kenzie's buddy Kali.We stayed at a wonderful R.V. park in Idaho Falls and even though it is May we were wearing heavy clothes all the time because it was cool and rainy.We spent lots of time at the zoo and luckily didn't get rained on at all.We were not able to see some of the animals because it was still to cold and wet for them.Everyone had a great time but eventually we had to leave. On our way out Mom wanted a picture of all the kiddos in front of the zoo sign,and when we finished we headed for the van and while we were loading kids mom realized we were short one kiddo, yes we walked off and left Chrissie sitting in her stroller in front of the zoo sign.Kali ran back and found her just sitting there watching people walking by.No she was never in any danger at all because we noticed she wasn't with us as soon as we got to the van.The rest of the trip we were constantly taking a head count. We did arrive back home on Sunday afternoon with everyone we left with on Friday. A few days at home and we will be planning our next adventure

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MoonDog said...

lol I have ten kids and I am constantly counting heads even onto and off of the school bus. in public? count count count! you arent alone in that! I havent left anyone behind yet but I can only imagine its coming.....