Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roasting smores, new glasses, and ears pierced..

Yes, Andrew got one ear pierced.He loves it..

Bella sporting new glasses..Mira-Flex glasses.Yes, Bella got her ears re-pierced . The first time they got infected. So we try again.. Bella is doinggreatwith the earings, but poor with keepingthe glasses on... So everyday we stand right by her and put her and Chrissie's back on them all day long...Boy would it save us alot of time if they would just leave those glasses on...

Chrissie sporting her new eye wear and yes new earings. Chrissie also got her ears pierced..

Chrissie does great with the earrings, but likes to throw the glasses..These girls ..

Having fun in the back yard roasting smores.. It was dy to a few minutes. We sure have been having lots of rain.. Yes some snow. We are sure we will see snow this weekend.. Just wouldn't be the same without it...

Have a blessed and safe weekend!!!

Camren making smores, yum yum.Kenzie, Dez and Andrew sitting around the fire..


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