Thursday, June 2, 2011

My siblings !!

We have been going through old slide movies at my mom's. So we have had these pictures of when i was little ~Jody~,put on dvd's. This is my sister who is a year older than me, and my little brother who is a year younger than me.. Boy we mut have kept our mom on her toes.
She raised us by herself, for many years. We are so thankful that she made us be very independant. We cannot thank her enough..

Sam, Jody, and Helen riding Skipper.. Them were the days. I really loved to go riding ..

W had lots of fun times...

Jody,Helen, and Sam. It lookslike my sister Helen is holding her rabbit. Our dogs are standing by Sam... It is really neat to look back at these pictures.. We didn;t need cars , we had horses. What better way to travel. Them were the days...

Thanks mom,we love you so much!!!


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