Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Farm Chicks Show !!!

Serena and Cathrine signing Country Living Magazines.. Yes, i got mine signed also... I love my Country Living Magazines..

OH so many treasurers to see and find..

Farm Chicks , that says it all!!!

Andrew looking around, oh so much for him to touch and see..

Seven sisters candy

Oh my , where do i start .. It was wonderful !!! We really enjoyed it so much...

There was so much to see and some really wonderful people we met..

I also got my books signed by Serena Thompson, but i forgot to have Gary or Kenzie take a picture ... It was a little tough with 8~ yes eight kiddos in tow.. Three in strollers and five who could touch everything... I am sure hoping next year i will be able to attend again. It was wonderful... Oh my i found some great treasurers to bring home.. Justwish i would have had more room to bring more home.. Did i say this was the most awesome Show i have seen. But then i really love old or vintage treasurers..

Mom was like a little kid in a candy store, she just loved everything at the show and yes I think she looked at every item in the place at least once.We are sure glad she had such a wonderful time because she has been talking about the "Farm Girls" for a long time and has been planning this trip for weeks and weeks.Dad spent the entire show herding chickens (kiddos) around the show and trying to keep everyone out of trouble, so Mom could enjoy herself, but it was well worth it just to watch Mom and how much fun she was having.I'm sure she will keep a close watch for next years show date. We love you so much Mom

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