Saturday, February 14, 2009


Mommy and Bella playing in the pool. Mommy kept putting Bella back in the shallow end and Bella kept heading for the deeper water. She had lots of fun today in the pool with all of the family.
Amber and David with Aubrey and Natalie swimming in the pool with all of us. The little girls had a blast in the water .

McKenzie taking her swimming lessons. This was Kenzies second swimming class and she really likes it . We hope to have each one of the kiddos take swimming lessons soon.

Deztany , Megan,Andrew and Magda~Bella waiting to be able to get in the pool. But mom made them stop for a picture first.They were in a hurry to go swimming. Bella wasn't happy to have to wait to get in the pool.She would stay in the pool all day if we would stay in there with her.

Happy Valentines Day everybody!!!
We had an awesome Family day today.We first took McKenzie to her swimming lessons. McKenzie and our grandson Camren are taking swimming lessons at the same time. So we all went to watch today and when they were all done we took all the kiddos swimming . Dad ~Gary~ chickened out and sat on the side to take pictures of all of us in the water having lots of fun.All the kiddos love the water, even baby AUBREY. Magda`Bella also loves the water but likes to put her face in it . She got mom all wet splashing and she kept going out deeper in the water. Bella is doing so awesome and she fits in so perfect with all of our family. They all just love her soooo much. We also love our Bella sooo very much . Daddy calls Bella our little Serb/American. Daddy says our little Serb loves water and to play all the time. We have a lot of time to play and have fun.
We spent the day with our older daughter ,our son in-law David and there three kiddos ~our grandchildren. My mom~ grandma Weezy and our grandson Xzavier came swimming with us also. It was so much fun for all of us,mostly the children ..
When we got done swimming we all went out to our cars at the same time. On all of our cars there was two long stem roses on the windsheild. Everybody thought Gary put them there , because he had went out side to get the stroller and was the only one to go outside when we were at the pool. But i new it wasn't Gary. I used to tease him because the only time i got flowers was when he delivered flowers from the mortuary to the cemetary. Then i would get flowers.
It was our older son Jake ~ he knew we were at the pool so he went and got roses and gave two to each of us . His sister , me his mom and his grandma also. We were so happy that was very awesome of him. He is sooo thoughtful and truly is so loveable and sweet. Thank you so much Jakey Joe for the roses ..


Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! Caleb LOVES water too and he loves it when it is in his face too!

Mommy and Peepers said...

Wow, that looks fun!!! Peepers loves water too. And that angry face on Bella, too cute. I'm glad she likes water, it's so good for her. talk later.

Zactly said...

Looks like you all had a great time. The roses were such a thoughtful gesture. How nice.
Would you be able to tell me how to put a grab button on my blog? Trisha at --journey to yellow brick road-- is trying to raise money for V before they send her to the institution in Russia.
thank you,