Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~We have a new look~

Yes, We have a new look. We heard there was some privacy issues with having the childrens pictures on our blogs that are up for adoption and waiting for their forever families to come and get them. So not to cause any problems we took all the waiting children buttons off our blog. We sure don't want to put any families or the children in jeopardy . So for now we will just pray that all goes smooth for all the families and waiting children , and that the children will be home soon.

Now for sweet Bella ~She is learning new things very fast. Dixie brought her walker on friday last week and Bella didn't want to have anything to do with it. Now today she was walking with it. Yes , we were right behind her so she didn't fall. But she did very well. We are trying to build muscles in her legs, so she can walk longer and better. Next ~Bella is trying to hold her cup and spoon. Daddy has been working hard at getting Bella to hold her cup and spoon. Next will be to get her to feed herself. Not sure how long that will be.We are hoping very soon.

All is well with all the other children. They are all getting big and trying to help a lot with Bella.
They each like to spend time teaching Bella new things.

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