Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes we are still here~

Our grandaughter~ Natalie~ riding the pony..She loves horses..
Magda~Bella sleeping sitting up in her play pen.Isn't she so cute.She is always so cute!!
But i think she has hit the trouble twos or would that be fives. Bella is into everything now. She is pulling over my plants and plays in the dirt. She has taken a bite out of most of us and loves to pinch anybody. Yes, she can be very lovable also, but when she wants to be nasty she is.
It's like she is in the terrible twos and loving it. She will turn around and look at us and laugh. Oh that is good for a time out ,on the time out bench for a short few minutes. Bella doesn't like to have to sit in time out. But Mom makes her. Bella is doing very well showing us who is the boss..

Deztany teaching Bella how to play the piano and Bella loves it. She can sit and play her piano for a long time. She loves the lights and music. Deztany loved teaching Bella to do this. So she is helping with all she can to get Bella to do new things. Thanks Deztany..
This is double and trouble~~ Megan our daughter and Jenna our grandaughter. These two love to hang out as much as possible. They are a pair and love each other so much.. Yes, they both are drinking diet mountain dew.. That is Mom's favorite pop. So they think they can drink it all..

I know we have not posted in a few days. We have been very busy . Trying to do spring cleaning and go threw all the childrens clothes to see what still fits or not. Then to donate all that doesn't fit. So with three floors of toys and childrens things i have alot to clean.
Bella's thyroid blod work came back and it looks much better now that she is on some meds. Bella is doing well in O.T. and Dixie brought a walker for Bella to start to use. So as soon as she is standing with it i will get some pictures.
Also thank you to Aunties Linda and Maddy for all the clothes they sent for all of the kiddos . The kiddos loved getting all the clothes. So a Big thank you to you both!!!!!!!

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