Sunday, August 30, 2009

18 of us camping at the lake!!!

My mom `Weezy, me~Jody `my daughter~Amber, my grand daughters Natalie and Aubrey.Four generations of women out camping together. We had lots of fun together..
Big brother Jake and Bella out camping.

Yes, That is our older daughter Amber with that little bike, do you see what size that bike is. Look at the next picture.Yes Aber is riding this bike. Not sure how she can, but she is.

Amber riding the little girls bike..Looks like she is having fun..

Daddy and Jordon sitting by the camp fire.

Most of our family went camping on August 20th-23rd. There was 18 of us at three camp sites. We all had lots of fun. We had four generations of women in our family out camping together. That was great, my mom~grandma Weezy, me~Jody aka`mom or Nana, our daughter Amber and her daughters Natalie and Aubrey our grand daughters. We had so much fun with all the children, ok and the adults also. The children kept busy all the time, they never slow down. Not until it was time for bed, then they crash out pretty fast..

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June Berger said...

Looks like you all had a blast! That Jordon is so cute! Oh my gosh, what a head of hair! How blessed you are with all your children. Bella is doing so well also...awesome!