Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jake taking the children on the jet ski

All the kids on Jakes jet ski..Andrew, Jenna, Natalie,Deztany, McKenzie,Xzavier,Camren,and Megan.
Jake taking Dez for a ride around the lake.

Jake and Kenzie having lots of fun on the jet ski.

Big brother Jake taking Andrew for a ride.The kiddos loved going on the jet ski, mom was pretty nervous about it . But they all did fine..The little kiddos love to hang out with their big brother and sister..They seem to think they are lots more fun than mom and dad..


Amy L said...

I just love the picture of Gary holding Jordan. He is such a beautiful baby!!


Mom i had so much fun on the Jet ski's! I agree with Amy L he is a beautiful baby. That was cool how sissy~amber rode on that bike of maggie~megan
Love kenzie