Monday, August 17, 2009

Long over due up dates!!

Ok: First of all~Bella has taken to being a big sister very well. She is feeding herself with her spoons and cup more by herself. We are so proud of her. This one is a very big step for Bella~ she is getting potty trained, yes i said that right. Bella has been going poo poo and pee on the potty when i have time to put her on it. We are so proud and shocked, can't wait until she is all the way potty trained. That will be an awesome day. Bella is working hard still doing O.T. with her buddy Dixie. They have a good time together.We are still having a hard time keeping Bella;s glasses on her. She likes to take them off and throw her glasses. Speaking of throwing things, Bella;s new trick is to get on the table and throw eveything off of it. She has been spilling lots of mom's pop and breaking glasses. I hope this doesn't last long. She still can be very mean at times. Bella likes to pinch and pull hair. Not to any one , but to everyone. This is for no reason at all. Go figure, not sure why she does this..But we all love her so much!!!!
Megan helping Bella eat...

Baby Jordon~ Jordon is a month old today!!! It has been awesome having a baby in the house again. We love it so much~ we thought for sure we didn't want any more babies but the Good Lord new different!! Thank goodness for that. It has been a really blessing to have been chosen to parent Jordon. We all love him so much!!! I love to sit and hold him and just look at him. He is so cute and lovable .. I feel so blessed to be his mommy!!! Oh i really feel blessed to be the mommy of all of my children~ the adult ones also. I am just so thankful to God to be blesed to be the mommy of 9 children (that's right 9 ) . I always said i wanted a dozen children, but i am really happy with 9~ Thank you Lord for every blessing you have given us!!!
We feel so blessed to be able to be a part of their lives..
We love to see them daily..
Yes we are feeling very blessed and very happy at this moment..


Molly C said...

honestly I was sad to see you release seth, but my goodness Jordon is CUTE! He belongs in your family, I can see that clearly now! What a cutie pie!

MoonDog said...

want to hear something funny?(Im gonna tell you anyways) you thought you didnt want a tiny baby but you got one. I totally wanted a baby baby and I am getting two big kids. kind of ironic? I am thrilled to get my big kids but surprised too because they are NOT babies!