Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Gottcha day and 2 years of being a Campbell !!

This is of Bella , when she was still at her first home.. So tiny , We so loved getting new pictures of Bella as we waited to go and get her. She is such a blessing in our family. We all love her so much.

Bella and Natalie going for a walk around the house. Bella is the big auntie of Natalie. They are so cute!!!

Dixie : the kiddos O.T therapist , working with all three of the kiddos at once. Bella is still working hard to learn new things. Now that she has Chrissie here with her , they find lots of trouble.

Big sister Deztany:: Teaching her little siblings.. All the big kiddos take turns working with their little siblings. THEY LOVE TO SEE THEM LEARN !!

Bella walking all around the house, by herself.. She is doing so awesome. Now she will be able to keep up with the big kiddos. Bella has been a Campbell now for 2 years!! We love that she was able to join our family.. Bella has worked very hard to learn many new things in the last two years. She gets more attention than she probably thought was ever possible.. There is always somebody there to help her learn , and to help keep her and Chrissie out of trouble.

I would do it all over again to get Bella:: I had never been on an airplane, that is until the trip to get Bella. We new from the start that Bella was severely delayed , but it never made any difference to us. We loved her from the start and we love her so much more now that she has been home for two years... She is like a sponge, she is soaking up all the information she can. Bella is very smart, she just needed her family to help bring it all out.

If you feel that nudge , that calling , or what ever you want to call it. That feeling that your family is not complete, go for it. Step out and adopt an orphan, it is so worth it. Our Bella has been such a joy to our family. It sure was worth that time away from our other children. We were so worried to leave the children at home. But the time went quick and soon we were home with our new daughter. Bella has been such a snuggle bear , she loves to get up with you and have you rub her face and snuggle you. We so enjoy holding her and snuggling her.

Every child deserves a family to grow up in. Can you adopt an orphan ? If you can they are so worth all the work of getting the paperwork done and the travel time away from home AND YOUR OTHER CHILDREN. YES, WE MISSED OUR FAMILY WHEN WE WERE GONE.But we all did wonderful.

I will never forget the first picture we saw of Bella. That was our Princess waiting for us to come and get her. It never mattered what they said was wrong with our Bella , we were going to get her home with us forever. We were told from the very begining that Bella was very delayed, and our we sure we want to adopt her. Yes, we still wanted to adopt our little Bella, she was our little Princess from the first time we saw her. We our so so happy that we stepped out of our comfort zone to travel and get our little Bella home.
Happy 2 years of being a Campbell ~Bella Faith ~ We love you dearly !!!!

Mom , Dad , and all of your family..

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