Saturday, December 11, 2010

Buy now buttons on our stores ARE WORKING NOW

Our buy now buttons on our stores are up and working right again. So if you have tried to make a purchase on either of our stores, you can go back now. They all should be working now. If you have any problems ,PLEASE e-mail us at jngcampbell9@msndotcom.. We are so sorry about this. We have been wondering why our fundraiser was not going well at all. I am so busy i forgot to re-check each button..
I have been flying by the seat of my pants with trying to get everything done.Plus with our newest daughter Chrissie , she is into everything she can get her hands on. So we are working hard to get her to listen and do as she is told. Boy is that a chore.. She has a mind of her own and prefers to do what ever she wants..She likes to pound on everything , and has broken at least one window in her bedroom. Dad put plexey glass up over the windows now. Chrissie bangs on the floors and tables and what ever is in her reach. So even after parenting many,many,many children you get a new one that has many new challenges. So we are all learning new ways to help Chrissie deal with these issues... We love her and want her to have a very productive life. Ok enough on Chrissie. Now for Dez and Andrew, you know that children with FAS/FAE do not deal well with changes. So this time of year is very hard for them and us also. They have so many out burst and tantrums that it really takes up loads of our time. We try to keep things the same ,but with the holidays it is impossible to do . So we are keeping them home as much as possible . One of us does the running for shopping and then stay up late to shop on-line. Boy will i be glad when January gets here. Yes, i really do love Christmas and the true meaning. What i do not like is the new version of Christmas, the i want everything there is out there. I really do not think children need and should have everything they should want.
Ok , even Bella has been acting up . She has bitten two of children in the last couple days. Bella has not bitten anybody in along time. Enough said . We have much still to do to get ready for the holidays.

Please if you can spare a few dollars to help little man Srecko to be able to have enough funds to come home soon to his adoptive family. You can donate right to him with the chip in or if you still need to buy gifts we have some really nice fleece blankets or wood signs still for sale... Just click on the buttons on the side bar and they will take you to our stores .

Thank you so much !!!!

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