Thursday, December 16, 2010

Please don't forget this little orphan boy!!!

Please,Please, Don't forget Srecko!!! We are still trying to raise funds for him to be able to come home very soon!!! Can you please help us try to get his funds needed to pay for his medical appt::: 100.00 or maybe we can try and get enough for his visa to be paid to be able to come to America~ 500.00 .. We only have three more days left to raise funds for this sweet boy.. Can you even think of being an orphan, being an orphan at all?? Well what about being an orphan for 7 , yes seven years, that is his whole life.. No Mommy holding him, no daddy playing ball with him. Well he does have a family that is trying very hard to bring him home. His dad is waiting to play ball with him, and his mom is waiting to hold and hug him ever so much. They just need our help. Won't you please donate just a little , every dollar helps to bring him home...Please pray and then see if you can spare a few dollars for Srecko..Yes , this is all about him, he needs us now to help him have a wonderful life. This is a handsome little guy that really will be an awesome son and part of a family... Please pray , then go see if you can spare some change for this sweet boy ... Please think of the less fortunate~ they could really use your help....


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