Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Please help a family in need !!

Christy and Cami !!
Baby Cami !! Please pray for Cami !!

My friend Christy and her family need your help!!!
Please if you can will you call or send in some funds for them to be able to pay for their room at the Ronald McDonald house. Their baby girl is fighting for her life and they need to be with her at all costs.. I will have a chip in set up , it will go to my acct: then i will call all the funds into the Ronald McDonald house, or you can send a check or call a gift in yourself.
Thank you so much for help Kevin ,Christy,Cody and baby Cami!!!!
Please pray for healing for baby Cami !!
Please pray for her parents and brother while they travel this road with her!!
Please lets help this family, they really need it!!

This is what Christy has to say!!

Monday, December 20, 2010
In Need Of Help
Though I hate to do this, I have to. I need to ask to help. Unfortunately, we have to pay $10 a day to stay at the Ronald McDonald house, on top of that we have all of our regular bills at the house. On top of that Cody broke 2 of his teeth and he does not have dental insurance so we have to pay more than $500 out of pocket to fix his bottom tooth. His top tooth is chipped, but it isn't a big deal the bottom tooth is cracked down into the gum and is a big deal- it is painful for him. Kevin took off of work for 2 weeks when Cami went into the hospital and it was not paid. So, we are up a creek. I do not have a paypal account anymore. If you are able to help (even $10 will help tremendously) you can mail a check/money order to the Ronald Mcdonald house at

Ronald McDonald House
1315 Barbara Jordan Blvd
Austin, Tx 78723
http://www.rmhc-austin.org/ to donate using a credit card

or call


you can write on the check/money order my name Christy Faglie Room 28 or give them my name & room number when you call.

If you are able to donate directly to them, that will help me tremendously- that way we won't owe them so much. We still owe them $80.00 from when we were here when Cami was born and as of now we owe them another $120.00. So, we are up to $200.00 now. I don't work- I stay at home with the kids and since Kevin was off for 2 weeks unpaid and any money I do have has to go to get Cody's tooth fixed- we are broke. We are not going to have a very good Christmas this year. Cody & Cami will be taken care of though- family has made sure of that. Kevin and I do not need anything- we just worry about having our bill here paid.

I am sorry to ask for anything, I know this is a horrible time of year to ask for anything- I know my readers have their own problems to deal with and their own families to buy for. However, if you do have anything extra and can help- I would appreciate it.

They moved Sissy off of the strong ventilator that collapsed her lung today- they were worried that it may collapse her other one and that would be devastating. So, Sissy is now on the regular ventilator. That is both good and bad- good because it won't collapse her remaining good lung and they can also give her breathing treatments with this one and bad because she is de-satting with the weaker ventilator. I feel like I am on a roller coaster. However, it isn't about me- it is about that little girl who has been through so much in her 4 months & 2 days on this earth. Camryn is a little fighter, she is a strong little girl.
You can read their blog @
Thanks for reading & God Bless you all

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