Monday, January 19, 2009

About the Presidents~~

We are learning about the Presidents this week. With today being Martin Luther King Day. Then tomorrow the Inauguration of Barrack Obama. We will be watching the TV all day tomorrow to see what we can learn. Here is what we learned today.

We asked all the children these questions about the Presidents here are some of them.

We went over lots of info: today about the White house and Presidents.

These are Deztany's answers to the questions?

1.What do we call the Presidents wife?

Answer~ Lady Bug

2.Who protects the President?

Answer~ guards

3.Where is the capitol located?

Answer~Washington DC.& Wisconsin

4.Who is our President today?

Answer~ Nixon

5.Who will be President tomorrow?

Answer~ Brocko Bomba

6.What do you think the President will do for our country?

Answer~Save the city

7.What city?

Answer~ Butte

8. What color is the White House?

Answer~ Tan.

Deztany is very serious when she answers these questions she just can never remember anything for very long. That FAS/ is like having holes in her head, it goes in and out very quickly. But Deztany tries very hard to do her school work. She just can't remember much of it.

We have also been trying to teach her money and to tell time. Both are not doing very well sticking with Dez. We so love her dearly, she truly is beautiful.. She just has to try harder than most people.

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Christy and Kevin said...

Jody, I have an aunt on my mom's side that adopted 2 kids that were diagnosed with severe fas. They did the same things. They are 21 & 25 now. The 25 yr old is very forgetful still. He has to set an alarm on his watch to remind him of things. He has learned to function on his own, but it is very, very hard for him (he still lives at home) The 21 yr old is functioning a lot better. He is actually living on his own and functioning in day to day life and he was the same as Deztany. He could never remember anything that he read or had taught to him. Something that would take the rest of us no time at all to learn, it took him weeks or months to master (memory stuff) Good luck with her, she is a beautiful girl and I hope she is like my 21 yr old cousin as she gets older, things are still hard for him but he functions and lives a "normal" life.