Monday, January 5, 2009

The love of a family

~ Trying to get Bella to feed herself~
~Maggie and Bella having fun in the play pen~

~Bella looking at her Daddy~
All things are possible when you have the love of a family.. We see that everyday anybody can and will make progress when you have a loving family to help you. We always want all of our children to feel loved always. We can see that with love Bella is blossoming . She is learning new things everyday. She is doing very well learning sign language, and learning how to talk. She is babbling a lot lately and very happy most of the time. She is a blessing to all of us, and so are all of our children. We are so happy to be the parents of 8 ~ children` some adults some little children still. We would love to add one more little girl to the family , but we will see how that works out in 2009.
Bella has had a few doctors appt:s she is doing pretty well. Her thyroid is off so she is taking meds for that. Her cbc's were not to good she will have more blood work done next week and start her shots all over again.
Bella went to see the Dietian, she went over Bella's diet that we are feeding her. We are doing great with this. We just need to get her to eat more foods from a spoon. But we try every meal to feed her some of her food from a spoon. She doen't like to eat from a spoon. She would rather just have her bottle and then be all done. We have tried tippy cups but she doesn't want any part of them. So we are trying slowly to change these things.
Bella is loving having lots of family to play with. She loves to snuggle and play with all the children. She has taken a bite out of most of us, but we hope to stop this. Bella is very head strong~ its her way or the highway. Boy does she fit into our family just perfect..I think everyone of us are like that. That is what makes us strong people.We are determined to do things our way and get them done. She will do wonderful with all of us.
We have an EKG on Bella's heart tomorrow and an ultrasound on her kidneys also. So we hope and pray all will go well with this.


And patiently waiting... said...

It is so wonderful to see her bloom in your family! And it's amazing how God knows just the right children to "match" to the adoptive families! God is good!

MaybeMama said...

It is easy to see in her pictures that she is thriving in your family. Wonderful! Hope all goes well with her upcoming appointments. I can't wait to hear more and more about her progression.