Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Important people from our trip to get our newest daughter.

These are pictures of very important people to help with the adoptions of special needs childen .
These ladies work very hard to get everything done to get the children matched with a family. Then they get all the paper work done and help with a lot of other paper work to be able to bring our children out of there country , into our country. We are so greatful to these two special ladies for all of there hard work. Our daughter was so worth the trip out of our country to get her. We love her so much and really enjoy teaching her everything we can. Bella is learning pretty fast and we are so happy with all she can do already..
Inportant people from Adoption day ceremony. We are very grateful to all of these people for believing in us to raise Bella. We pray that all will believe in us again to adopt from Bella's birth country `this year we hope. We have the perfect little angel picked out already.

`This is Vlado and his wife Svetlana` we rented our apt: from them while we were in there country. They were so nice to us and showed us how to live in there country. They also took us sight seeing . We are so glad to have these two as friends.. We sure hope to see them again~ We hope this year...We will see. Hello: To all of our friends in Bella's birth country.
Also great news to www.findingourbutterflies.blogspot.com. They got great info: on going back to adopt a second time from Bella and Kristina's birth country. I am so excited for them , i had tears in my eyes. The little boy they are adopting is so cute, i got to see him when we were in country. He sure is a handsome little guy. They will be the first ones to be able to go back to adopt a second time from this country. YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!! They will start the path for all of us.. I will be praying for them and for us to be able to travel by the end of this year...
We are also praying that Carolee and Christina and families waiting for there travel dates will hear something very soon. They are expecting to travel in Feb,2009. We can't wait to see these two little ones come home very soon. They are two beautiful little girls, just waiting for there parents to hug and hold them. Also give them some big kisses.
I will be saying lots of prayers for all.

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