Thursday, January 15, 2009

~Bella started therapy~

Baby Aubrey taking a bath in our sink. She is getting so big so fast. Isn't she just beautiful` we think so .
Bella working with Dixie and daddy watching. Bella did wonderful for her first time with Dixie.

Natalie ` our granddaughter sleigh riding with PaPa and the children.

The kiddos on the hill waiting to go down again. What fun they had .

Lots of news!!!
Bella started occupational therapy with Dixie. We have not seen Dixie in years, she used to come to our home when we had foster babies. We sure did miss her. Dixie had Bella laughing and working her muscles. Bella has really low tone. So we will be working on that a lot. But that was no surprise , we new that.
Bella has been to see her Dr. a few times now. She got 4 shots on Monday and she was not very happy about that. Bella ran a fever for a few days from the shots. But she is feeling better now. Bella is doing good eating from a spoon as long as we are working the spoon.She doesn't want to hold her spoon yet. Today Bella started having sippy cups so we are putting the bottles away, I hope.

Bella got her letter that was from the President of the United States that says she is a US citizen. We framed that for her. Bella also got her US social security card and we went and applied for her passport today. So in 2-4 weeks Bella will have a passport. We will be so happy to see that. Bella is doing so well with our family, we would love to go back and bring one more little girl home . We do know which little girl we would love to bring home.
Our homestudy is good for two special needs children from the same country and so was our I171H APPROVED for two special needs children with down syndrome. So they both are still good. So we would like to be able to go back before the end of this year if we can get approved by the Ministry Officials to do so. We sure would like to be able to commit to this little girl and start working on fundraising ..But we need to wait to see if the M.O will give us the go ahead to do so. So say a few prayers for our family to be able to go back and adopt one more little girl. She is very beautiful and looks alot like our Bella "Faith", they would make great pals. We would love for Bella to have a sister just like her to be able to grow up with.
On another note , we have beeen very busy ths week. Our son and granddaughter are here visiting us this week. So we have had 9 children and 4 adults in the house most of the time. Yes we love it this way. We love when our house is busy and going all the time. The children have a great time playing together and dad/ papa took the children down to the park to sleigh ride. They had a lot of fun with him.


Zactly said...

Love all the updates. Bella looks great(losing the orphanage glaze in her eyes). Way to go Bella on your therapy. She is so fortunate to have you all as her forever family. We will keep you all in our prayers about adopting again. Oh, I hope they will allow you to go back!! That will be a another first. I don't think anyone has been allowed to go back twice yet.

MaybeMama said...

Sounds like Bella is making great progress! She is such a little beauty.

Praying that you will be able to adopt again.

Christy and Kevin said...

Bella looks so good! I can't believe how fast she is changing. Little Aubrey is just too cute!

Shawnie said...

She looks great! I hope your back is better soon. It is hard to heal when lifting! (I speak from experience.) I hope you will get the OK from the MO. It would make us asking to go back a bit easier too!

Cara & Doug said...

Beautiful church in your title box! Is that close to the baby house?

Christine said...

Bella is such a precious little girl!