Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jake is out of the hospitol

Jake got out of the hospitol on Friday. He is doing better , but has a ways to go ..His injuries are healing , but will need a lot of care to them.. Please pray for him to get a full recovery... He is still in pain and working on getting all the swelling to go down..

We thank everybody for all of there prayers for our son and family. This week has been very difficult for all of us. We are so glad God chose to keep our son on earth. He had lots of angels watching over him. We know God has a plan for him..We just need to wait and see what that is.

Jake is a very lucky man!!
The Dr.s said thank God his is a very strong guy with muscles, that saved his neck from breaking. Amazingly Jake never broke any bones, but did take all the impact on his head and ear. So his has a lot of staples and stitches. Lots of healing to do.

We thank God for saving our son, and the men that pulled him out of the truck ..

We love you so much Jake and we are so glad you are still here with us to love and hold!!!!


Amy said...

Praise God! Jody, I am so glad that Jake is okay. I can only imagine how scared you must have been.

June Berger said...

I am so glad! Praise God for His protection.

And patiently waiting... said...

God is good!!! I am so glad to know he is at home!! Praise God!!

Mommy and Peepers said...

Praise the Lord. He is in our prayers. carolee

Trisha, Duane, and Family said...

Great news!!! Many blessings...Trisha